Cleaning Tips

One of the most irksome things about moving from another house is the cleaning – and removing stubborn stains and tarnish is one of the most difficult tasks to do when setting up your house for a move. It’s critical, when doing these suggested household cleaning tips, to ensure that you won’t be doing more damage than good. You should also always take your cleaning paraphernalia with you, such as a box of your most commonly used items. You could also make use of a checklist to save you time and effort in the long run.

Some of the most common stains and marks can be easily removed using everyday household items.

Scuffs and marks on wooden furniture can be taken out with the help of a pencil eraser – these marks, from shoes, wheels, or rubber bumping friction stains are hard to remove any other way, but come off with ease with a simple rubber.

Aside from cleaning teeth, toothpaste is also good for cleaning other stuff as well. It is proven useful for removing stubborn ink, crayon, or scuff stains from any surface. Just be cautious and try to test it on wallpaper first in a place not easily noticeable. You’ll have to remove most of these stains from walls before painting because they seem to be visible through several layers of paint.

Toothpaste is effective for taking out crayon marks from radiators, or glass too. Simply rub it lightly on the surface using a non abrasive cloth, or for tough stains, leave the toothpaste there for about an hour before scrubbing gently.

You can remove marks from paint on most woodwork by carefully scouring with a brass scourer. Be careful not to put too much pressure though, or you’ll scratch the other paintwork too.

Scum stains, dried toothpaste and lime scale come off easily if applied with liberal amounts of an oxy based paste or ‘oxy’ based cleaner (one that fizzes and heats up the water slightly). It is readily available in most groceries you can get any in most supermarkets.

You can get rid of moldy or damp smells just about anywhere with bicarbonate of soda. Simply spread it over the odorous area (or leave a tub open in a cupboard or fridge) and the smell would marginally reduce or be gone within 24 hours. Some alternatives are activated charcoal, or a few drops of vanilla on a cloth. They would basically have the same effect. The baking soda solution can be used for a whole month, and can come in handy in a lot of things as well.

If you’re washing textured walls, use a nylon sock to avoid leaving resi– and always wash walls from the residue behind. Also, start from the bottom up to avoid streaking, applying any cleaning solution you’re using (once tested to ensure paint, or wallpaper fastness) in small patches as you wash.

You can take out wax from carpets, floors or curtains by the use of an absorbent cloth and a hot iron. It peels away easily because it sticks to the hot iron.

Finally, don’t mix cleaning products – most contain either ammonia or bleach. They create deadly fumes when combined. It is important to take extra care when cleaning any area that has been spot treated with a different solution than what you are mopping with, because not only are some mixes deadly, but others can react with one another and cause unsightly stains or ugly marks.

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