Cleaning Your Own Carpeting

Cleaning your carpet yourself is a good means to save money. But you can end up in quite a mess if you don’t do it right.The main question arises how to clean carpet? This article will provide you some suggestions on using a carpet cleaning rental on your home’s carpets.

The foremost on the list is that you have to find a good carpet cleaning machine. There is bound to be one at most home improvement and grocery stores. Look for one in good condition that doesn’t look like it’ll break at any second. The older the machine, the weaker the vacuum and water pump probably is. Look for an efficient machine and also purchase the carpet cleaning shampoo that is recommended to be used with it. Do not even think about using dish-washing soap or any other homemade concoction.

What you need to do, once you get the machine home is to pre-vacuum your carpet. Do not take this for granted since soil is more manageable to remove when it is dry. Make sure to cover the carpet in all directions, taking your time.

The next step is crucial because I will differ from the instructions suggested on the carpet cleaning machine. The labels usually say you need to fill the machine with a shampoo solution. This means that you are rinsing with the solution and leaving so much of residue behind. As an alternative, mix the cleaning solution in a separate pump-up sprayer. There are one gallon garden sprayers available at any home improvement store. Now spray the carpet uniformly with the cleaner. Do not drench the carpet, spray the solution evenly and then let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow the solution to break down and absorb the soils.

After that, load the carpet cleaning machine with plain warm water. After letting the solution remain there, you will make a pass over the carpeting to rinse the cleaning solution out. If your carpet is heavily dirty or you used a lot of cleaning solution, you may need to make two turns over the carpet. Your aim here is to take out as much of the cleaner as possible to leave the least amount of residue on your carpet.

It is now time to dry your carpets. The faster you get them dry, the less likely it is for spots or other stains to return and water marks are also avoided. Use your ceiling fans and any other portable fans you have and direct them onto the carpet. If the day turns out to be sunny and bright, open your windows or doors. The more ventilation you get to your room the better.

And that’s how simple it is. Just keep in mind to take your time and do not take shortcuts. Follow these easy steps and you can clean your own carpet effortlessly.

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