For Edmonton, Alberta Residents : How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Service

Maintaining a clean, fresh smelling home or office can be as easy as it sounds. It can be achieved with something as simple as having the carpet cleaned occasionally. By keeping the carpet clean, you’re also reducing dust, dust mites, and harmful allergens. The air is fresher because the carpet will no longer have a huge amount of built-up dust particles. When dust is accumulated in the carpet, it’s being released in the air as you walk on it – even if you can’t see it. The ones who will benefit most from these professional carpet cleaners are those persons suffering from allergies caused by dust and dirt that is harbored onto the carpets.

How to Clean Your Carpet

There are two ways to clean the carpet. One, you can rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself. Two, you can hire a professional Alberta carpet cleaning Edmonton service in the Edmonton area. Cleaning the carpet yourself can take many hours, so it might be best to hire a professional carpet cleaner if you have a busy schedule.

If you live in the Edmonton area and want to find a reliable carpet cleaning service, here are some important facts you should know.

Not All Carpet Cleaners are Created Equal

Check with the cleaning service to see what type of carpet cleaners they use. There are several ways to clean carpet. One is the dry-chem method in which a cleaning chemical is sprayed onto the carpet, and then removed with a machine. No water is used so the soapy residue remains after the cleaning. The disadvantage of this method is the machine does not rinse with water and it does not clean deep into the carpet – it only cleans the surface.

Another popular method is steam cleaning. There are a number of types of steam cleaning: portable machine method, truck-mounted unit method, and the Dri-Steam method. With a portable machine, the carpet can stay wet for days after the cleaning. Also, the machine runs off an outlet plug-in in your home.

With the truck-mounted method, a very powerful unit is used and powered by the truck. In this method, cleaning chemicals are washed out of the carpet using soft hot water. The carpet dries much quicker than with portable machines, and no residue remains after the cleaning. This is the method preferred by professional carpet cleaners.

There’s also the more updated Dri-Steam method, which also uses a truck-mounted unit, but with a jet-less rotary cleaning tool. With this method the carpet dries faster than any other – in as quick as about one to three hours!

It is necessary to select a professional carpet cleaning service that understands these methods and chooses to use only the most efficient products and tools. They obviously know what’s best for your carpet. So you are ensured that it will be with you for a long while, so have it handled with the utmost care.

Maintaining the Carpet after a Cleaning

Remember that the carpet should be completely dry before vacuuming or even walking on the carpet if possible. To prevent the dust particles from invading, vacuum the carpet often and change the vacuum cleaner bag often as well. Dust can settle in the bag and release particles into the air as you are vacuuming – defeating the whole purpose of cleaning your carpet!

To keep allergens to a minimum, spray allergen removal chemicals on the carpet and upholstery occasionally. Leave them for a day or two, and then vacuum the carpet. Also, cover the areas within the house which is constantly being visited by people, with rugs to provide protection to the carpet.

While vacuuming the carpet, don’t forget to vacuum the furniture and around the windowsills and room corners. Dust and cobwebs accumulate in these areas also.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaner in Edmonton

The moment you realize the kinds of carpet cleaning out there in the market, looking for a carpet cleaning service is not as difficult anymore. No matter where you live – Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc or Spruce Grove – there are bound to be some reliable carpet cleaning services who provide the type of cleanings mentioned above.

Give your carpet a thorough cleaning and you’re assured of a fresh, clean air once again!

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