Strange Cleaning Tips

There are certain household products that do more than what they are supposed to. These particular items can also be effective in areas quite different from their initial intended uses. Here are a few examples:

Icy Steps?

If you reside in an area that practically becomes ice-cold during the winter, here’s a tip for keeping your front steps from getting icy. Just get a bowl of hot water, add a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid to it. Once you’ve spread the solution all over the steps, they won’t freeze again. (Of course, this trick may work with other dishwashing liquids, as well. You’ll need to do try it out first though to find that out for yourself.)

Is your roof growing?

Sprinkling powdered laundry detergent on your roof can kill moss, but it won’t destroy other things, even when the next rain pours it down the downspout during the next summer rainfall. If you happen to see bubbling at the bottom of your downspouts, don’t fret. It’s just the detergent being washed off the roof, and it’s generally safe to the environment.

Budding Artists?

If your kids have suddenly become creative and uses the bedroom walls to create their latest crayon masterpieces, you’ll get excellent results by dipping a damp rag into baking soda and then using that mixture to scrub it off. It’ll take some effort, but it is possible. And besides, it’s a lot more practical than repainting the actual walls.

There are those times that the little tots want to bring the artists in them and use appliances or kitchen countertops as canvases for their artwork instead. They often make use of permanent marker for these. You can scrub these off by using paper towel drenched with rubbing alcohol. Like the walls, this mixture needs to be combined with a good amount of elbow grease.

Sticky Price Tags?

WD-40, a commercial product that’s found in most people’s homes, can be utilized as a cleaner too. The stubborn adhesive on labels that’s usually so difficult to peel off can suddenly come off easy. Simply put on a few spritz on the sticky area and rubbing it off. You’ll be amazed on how it works.

Streaky Windows?

Washing windows can be much less of a hassle as well. Instead of expensive window cleaners, you can use vinegar for outside windows. And if you’re washing both the inside and outside, try using vertical strokes for one side of the window and horizontal ones for the other. That way, you’ll instantly be able to tell which side a streak is one. If this alone gets a little taxing, you might want to use some old wrinkled newspaper to reduce the streaking altogether. It would be better to do this household work on a cloudy day. You’ll experience less streaking and therefore less bother, because the heat from a sunny day won’t dry the windows as fast.

So after using these cleaning tips , you will be surprised to see the sparkling clean home.

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